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Organo-mineral soils Soilgrace for desert greening projects, restoration of degraded lands, revival of agriculture in arid and low-water areas.
scientific developments should serve people
Our artificial soils Soilgrace allow us to solve the problems of desert landscaping and sustainable agriculture even in conditions of severe water shortage and lack of fertile soil. We give people the opportunity to return to the previously lost lands of their ancestors and build a comfortable and fulfilling life there for future generations.
Our mission
Climate, economy and humanityGO!
We are losing fertile land, clean water and losing the battle to deserts
million of people were hungry in 2022
million people were on the verge of starvation
of the landmass is significantly degraded
billion undernourished people were in 2018
The year 2022-2023 has been called "a year of unprecedented hunger" on the UN World Food Program website. In 2022, 828 million people were hungry and at risk of starvation, an increase of nearly 2% from 2019, with 345 million people on the brink of starvation.
About 80% of the people at risk of crop failure and hunger due to climate change and desertification live in sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia and South-East Asia. And it is estimated that by 2025, 80% of the world's arable land will face water scarcity and widespread degradation of fertile topsoil.
As part of the fight against desertification and land degradation, large-scale government projects like the Great Green Wall in China or the Green Initiative in Saudi Arabia have been launched, involving large long-term investments in scientific research, land conversion, changes in land use regulations, etc.
We found the solution - organo-mineral soil
Soil characteristics
Natural soil, black soil
Mechanical characteristics, soil density, particle size/diameter
Particle diameter 2-5 mm,
Density 1.0-1.3g/cm3
Particle diameter 5-10 mm for soft mixture,
Density 0.1g/cm3
Ability to maintain structure and mechanical properties over a long period
Quickly cakes and self-compacts without loosening under the influence of precipitation, within 3-6 months
Maintains a permanent loose form for the Soilgrace soft mixture, highly permeable, easily destructible form of the Soilgrace monolithic block
Moisture absorption capacity
50-60g per 1 kg of dry soil weight (plus 200g in bound colloidal form, inaccessible to plants)
Up to 6000g per 1 kg of dry weight (the entire volume of water is available to plants) for a monolithic block, up to 4500g per 1 kg for a soft mixture
Ability to retain moisture from evaporation
Losses amount to up to 60% of the volume of absorbed moisture within 30 days (at a temperature of 18.0-20.0 degrees and 70% humidity), the normal evaporation value is 600-650 mm (1100 mm for sandy soils)
Losses are no more than 10% of the volume of absorbed moisture for a monolithic form and no more than 20% for a soft mixture within 30 days, the normal evaporation value is 100-125 mm
The ability to transfer moisture to the root system of a plant
Low, less than 0.6% of its own weight
High, up to 600% of its own weight and 100% of the absorbed volume (absence of aluminosilicates, bentonites, water-binding colloidal substances)
Ability to aerate the root system
Medium-High, subject to regular loosening and plowing of the soil
Very High for a soft mixture (due to its high friability without additional processing), Medium for a monolithic form
Ability to prevent plant roots from rotting
Medium, subject to regular loosening, plowing of the soil and moderation of watering, limited by the high content of natural bacteria in humus, including those that cause rotting
High, since the basic composition of Soilgrace includes biologically active substances that have a disinfecting effect and destroy putrefactive bacteria
Mineral content
High, general composition: nitrogen - 0.45%, phosphorus - 0.21%, potassium -1.82%
Available for the plant: hydrolyzable nitrogen 228 mg/kg, mobile phosphorus 38 mg/kg, mobile potassium 230 mg/kg
Very high, Available for plants: nitrogen 400-500 mg/kg, phosphorus 400-500 mg/kg, potassium 400-500 mg/kg
The ability to retain (prevent leaching) of minerals and maintain their availability to the plant
Medium, significant binding of minerals with colloid-forming substances of natural origin in the soil, limiting their availability to plants
High, minerals are in finely dispersed, water-soluble form and are introduced into the soil during the production process. There are no colloid-forming substances, aluminosilicates in the soil
Organic content
High, general composition: humus 7%, hydrolyzable (available to the plant) humin less than 50%. Black humic acids bound to calcium (humic complex) predominate; fulvic acids are mainly bound in the humic complex.
Very high, general composition: humus up to 10%, hydrolyzable (plant-available) humin up to 90-100%, applied to the soil as part of a patented biological complex
Stable acidity (alkalinity) indicators
Average, pH 6.6, Acidity 2.1 mEq/100g. Soil indicators strongly depend on the region and change during agricultural exploitation
High, the soil itself has neutral acidity, can be adjusted depending on the preferences of a particular crop
The ability to maintain a healthy biological environment that promotes plant growth and prevent the proliferation of putrefactive, pathogenic bacteria
Low, due to the high content of a wide range of different bacterial forms in the composition of humus
High, due to the initial sterility of the soil, supplemented by patented complexes of healthy bacterial cultures aimed at the growth and development of the plant
Space science is coming to the aid of humanity...
Therefore, scientists from different countries, starting with the Berkeley University laboratory in the USA, Germany and the space research laboratories of the USSR Academy of Sciences made discoveries and developed technologies that formed the basis of an innovative product, organo-mineral soil Soilgrace.

A unique product that combines exceptional qualities of usefulness and self-sufficiency for accelerated plant growth, low cost in industrial production, and the ability to produce locally where large-scale plantings are needed.
Water saving
Soilgrace has a special cellular internal structure, obtained using a patented technology that allows to absorb and retain water 7-8 times more weight than it weighs itself. At the same time, water practically does not evaporate from the surface of the material, which, in combination with drip irrigation allows you to reduce the volume of water used for irrigation in tens and even hundreds of times from the usual.

Water does not go into the surrounding sands and soils, does not evaporate from the surface. Soilgrace Oasis guarantees 100% availability of such a valuable resource as water where it is needed - for the root system of the plant.
100% plant germination
In large-scale desert greening projects in China, Africa and the Middle East, people have experienced extremely low survival rates of planted plants. On average, up to 40% of planted trees died, and in some areas 70% of seedlings died. The reasons are different - difficult climatic conditions for young plants, poverty, salinity of already degraded soil, lack of water and low bio-diversification of planted crops.

During tests and real plantings in various, including difficult natural conditions, <Soilgrace> soil provided 100% germination of seedlings, carefully providing all their needs in water and nutrients, supporting the growth of the root system, eliminating all risks and compensating for negative external environmental factors.
Seedling protection
Often, in the most important first months after planting, a young plant is almost defenseless against external conditions - drought, poor soil, lack of regular care, fertilization and watering. In large-scale landscaping projects, there is no opportunity to painstakingly nurture each sprout, as a farmer does in his home garden, because we are talking about landscaping tens of millions of hectares. There is also little water, it rarely rains, there is no humus and there is no saving shade from the merciless sun.

And yet, there is a solution. <Soilgrace> guarantees full 100% protection for seedlings, fully providing them with water, minerals, organic matter, guaranteeing the development of a strong root system and giving young plants time to adapt and grow even in the harsh conditions of African and Asian deserts.
Environmental and biological safety
Soils <Soilgrace> consist of organic-mineral components and substances, which as a result of symbiotic interaction with the soil biota of the plant root system are transformed into nitrogen fertilizers and fully assimilated by the plant within 6 months to 2 years, serving as an additional source of nutrition.

At the same time, Soilgrace soils are 100% ecologically and biologically safe for the ecosystem, as they do not contain any chemical-active substances, herbicides, growth activators, as well as humus alien to the local flora and fauna, which may contain weed seeds and pest germs.
Accelerates seedling growth
There is no such thing as perfect soil. Even in the super-chernozems of Eurasia it is necessary to apply mineral fertilizers, feed the soil with microelements to maintain land productivity.

Soilgrace soil is in this case the golden exception to the general rules. It is balanced and contains all the necessary mineral, organic and microelements that allow the plant to develop successfully and, most importantly, quickly even in sands or stone desert.

Its composition is the result of many years of scientific research and practical application of various complex microelement fertilizers based on bentonite, organic growth activators based on sapropel, etc.
Economic super-efficiency
All of the above, combined, have an amazing economic effect. Even growing ordinary fruits and vegetables in <Soilgrace Oasis Fruity> soil in a traditional, fertile climate is a quarter more economically efficient than growing the same crops in conventional soil. Germination rates, yields and pest resistance exceed all expectations.

The economic effect is especially strong in climatically unfavorable conditions, when there is no possibility to provide generous watering, soil fertilization and daily care of plants.
Flexible and adaptable solution
Our specialists have developed different soil formulations that allow planting and growing plants in different climatic and natural zones, solving different problems. For example, <Soilgrace Oasis Forester> is designed for planting trees in sandy and clay-stony desert soils, and <Soilgrace Oasis Fruity> for use as a soil in gardens and fruit greenhouses in hot and arid climates.

The ability to focus the application of <Soilgrace> organo-mineral soils and their combinations on different soils and in different climatic conditions offers great prospects for agriculture anywhere on our planet.
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